Steps to follow in case of minor and major emergencies

conseilBroken tooth with pain/bleeding:
Bite on a cotton ball and contact our office quickly for an appointment. If your dentist is a absent, call Urgence dentaire de Montréal at 514-593-9229. Ask them to send us a report so that we can follow up your case.

Loss of a tooth after trauma:
Place the tooth back in the alveolar socket if possible, otherwise place it in a glass of milk and contact us as soon as possible.

Swollen face/gum:
Contact us quickly for an emergency appointment. In case of major facial swelling, go to the nearest hospital.

Extreme toothache:
Contact us quickly to obtain a diagnosis and establish a treatment. Take painkillers (acetaminophen or ibuprofen – ask a pharmacist in case of doubt) to reduce the symptoms.
Do not take any painkillers 6 hours prior to your visit to the dentist.