Restoration treatments

  • Fillings serve to fill cavities caused by tooth decay once they are cleaned. Two options are available to you:
    • Composites are esthetic and solid restorations made from a resin base mixed with silica particles.
    • Amalgams are silver alloys mixed with mercury. Bonded mercury becomes very stable.

Gum treatments

  • During your regular examination, we check the condition of your gums.
  • If an anomaly is noted, we will suggest filling out a specific chart, and treatments will then be recommended to you.
  • The basic treatment is deep cleaning and root planning.
  • This consists of removing the tartar and polishing the affected roots to prevent deposits from collecting.
  • Gum grafts serve to stop a gum recession process.
  • AlloDerm grafts also allow covering of the exposed root.

Root canal treatments

  • When a tooth becomes painful and a swelling of dental origin appears, a root canal treatment is necessary.
  • This treatment consists of cleaning the root canal which contains the nerve and the blood vessels of the tooth and sealing it with a natural rubber.
  • This prevents reinfection and thus makes it possible to save the traitements de canaux.

Replacement of missing teeth

  • Missing teeth, if not replaced, result in dental movements
  • A conventional bridge can replace one to three teeth. This technique consists of trimming down the teeth either side of the space to be filled, in order to cover them with crowns. Artificial teeth are welded to these crowns, so that they become suspended over the gums.
  • A butterfly bride consists of a false tooth, made of porcelain and metal wings, which will be glued to the teeth adjacent to the space. Generally, it replaces a single tooth.
  • Implants and removable dentures are other treatment options allowing tooth replacement.


  • Extraction of wisdom teeth or a badly destroyed tooth can be a source of stress and worry.
  • Our team puts all their knowledge and talent at work so that your experience is as comfortable as possible. Consult Dr. Nathalie Tremblay.


Commonly known as braces, orthodontics serves to replace poorly aligned teeth. We team up with orthodontists to listen to your needs, using recent and effective techniques.
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Occlusal plates

An occlusal plate is generally recommended in the following cases:

  • Prematurely worn teeth (grinding, clenching, malocclusion)
  • Jaw joint pain and facial muscle pain
  • Protection of major restoration treatments (porcelain crowns and veneers)